This guest house has four bed rooms. Built in a unique blend of south Indian architecture, Shenbaga Vilaasam has a beauty in every tone. Giant wooden pillars support colorful hand dyed chettinad tiles. The center of the formal sitting room opens towards the sky, allowing the play of natural light and at the same time, shielding the home from the mid day glare of the sun. The house tries to bring in the enchanting outside – inside in every way possible through its many verandas and sit outs. Shenbaga Vilaasam was built in the early years of the twentieth century and is a confluence of European and Indian styles of architecture.

Shenbaga Vilaasam is decorated with family heirlooms and the antique collectibles that the family has acquired over the years. It is indeed a visual treat for the visitor and many say it is “like a museum”.

Other Aspects Include

  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Authentic Veg Cuisine
  • Air-conditioned Bedrooms
  • Cultural entertainment
  • In-house laundry